I have completed my 108,000 word science fiction book titled “Blanchland Blues.

I am currently represented by Kimberley Cameron of Kimberley Cameron & Associates, seeking publication.

John MacAlister was supposed to kidnap Meryl Amelson, but he saved her instead. It was the first time since his discharge that he felt his life had any meaning. Especially because it was James Kedron–the crooked commander who booted him from the Star Corps–who was after her.

On colony K-6, Meryl is a witness to killings ordered by Kedron, and he wants her dead. Turns out John was the bait, only Kedron failed to hook the fish.

An unexpected bond forms between John and Meryl. She reminds him of the girl who died in the crash that ruined his career. Unable to accept putting another innocent in danger, he comes clean with her.

On the run, they discover a plot to use colony resources to fund the hateful Ascendency of Man movement led by Kedron. John’s robot finds proof of the conspiracy, but the off-world coms are guarded. To call Earth for help, they’ll have to defeat Kedron and his officers.

But John’s only resources are his weaponless robot, a teenage girl and a group of scared farmers. He’s hoping an old smuggler’s trick will give them the edge he needs. Little does he know Kedron is planning a surprise of his own.