I periodically send out a newsletter to talk about what I’m enjoying and doing in the Science Fiction/Fantasy world. I’ll share works I’m enjoying and talk about current topics, with the goal of hearing back from my readers.

Occasionally I’ll send out special offers where you can get exclusive items from me, whether they be books or works of art. I do not share your email with anyone, ever.

If you are cool with that, I’ll give you 3 FREE books for joining the group:

  1. My short story STINGER – Sci-fi/thriller. If you liked Aliens, you’ll like this! Jimi has to face his greatest fear.
  2. My short story Lonely Ones – Sci-fi/heartwarming. If you like stories that take place across stretches of time and have meaning, you like this.
  3. My short graphic novel The Flower – A graphic novel with no dialog beautifully rendered. Drawn in the style of Adventure time with a hopeful message in a dystopian world.

Enjoy the stories, and get ready to be inspired!

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