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Shhhh! These links are just for you, as a thank you for being part of my created worlds!


As his warship comes under attack by a devastating alien horror, a drug-addicted recruit stumbles upon a secret super soldier compound.
In his hand is the one hope to save the ship. But to do it, he’ll have to face his crippling fear of the alien Sasori that lies on the other side of the hatch.

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Lonely Ones

When Nimrod Interstellar Mining decides to shut down operations, thousands of robots that found their purpose digging and processing ore become suddenly aimless.

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The Flower

In a town where plants are against the law, Bill works hard in his shop every day making robot parts. In his heart, he wishes he would find a sign that things would get better. Then one day, Bill closes up shop and begins his walk home.

That’s when he saw the flower.

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Two comic short stories – “The Messenger” and “Green.” Both stories of hope. 30 pages.



A man. A space captain. Highly intelligent, extremely skilled–top of his class. Adored by millions. Captain John… is not that man. But can that man have the courage to face what he is and be transformed? Leave behind selfishness and embrace service? Can he go from hopeless — to hero?

Marooned – A Space opera in the wrong key is the story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot from Earth, and his sidekick Asimov, an automated garbage can turned into a genius robot. – 290 pages.


Rock & Tin

Peto is a stone golem, a magical creature brought to life under mysterious circumstances. The MechMagus is a robotic wizard who discovers Peto in the wilderness. Befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy, Peto must find a way to overcome his nature and be the person he chooses to be.

Rock & Tin is an uplifting story about a personal journey towards redemption and the value of sacrifice.


The Genesis Girl

Mel is a young girl in hypersleep on an interstellar ship to colonize an Earth-like planet when she is infused by the Blight – a substance that unchecked will reset the universe. With Pong the Magus and his irritable hat Ages, Mel must fulfill a quest that will teach her how to defeat The Blight. All while only wielding a banjolele.

I began this third graphic novel, but only finished book one when my agent couldn’t secure a publisher. I may finish it someday.

Read it for free on Tapas.