The Flower

In a dreary town where plants are against the law, Bill closes up shop where he makes robot parts. On his walk home, he stumbles on a white flower. Can he save it while hiding it from the killbots that will surely destroy it?

Top Reviews

★★★★★ – Wordless, beautifully drawn inspiring short

Beautifully drawn sci-fi/dystopian world on a bite sized plate. A wordless ‘read’ that shows what comics can do. Awesome little break in my day!

★★★★★ – This is the Cutest Thing Ever

I read this book while trying to fall asleep and after I could not stop talking about how amazing it was. There were no words but it still said so much! And it was the perfect length for bedtime. I cannot stress how wonderful it was. I definitely recommend it!

The Flower is a unique and brilliant short story/comic book that will hook you with its captivating illustrations and heartwarming story from start to finish! — Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover

About the Book

The Flower is a story told without dialog. The colorful visuals tell the whole story of Bill and his attempt to save the rare and beautiful flower from the death rays of the horrible killbots. Can he use his smarts and the crumbling technology of the city to escape with his treasure?


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