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Country Road

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I stalk her down the hallway, weaving between students and frowning teachers. She would never expect payback here. The gold cardigan flashes before me as I use one more backpack as cover. Slinking into position, I scream. Her five-dollar Mocha Frappuccino goes flying as she turns in anger. Wait, that’s not my sister.

This was my entry for the November for the 53-Word Story contest held each month by Press 53

The Genesis Girl

Mel is a young girl in hypersleep on an interstellar ship to colonize an Earth-like planet when she is infused by the Blight – a substance that unchecked will reset the universe. With Pong the Magus and his irritable hat Ages, Mel must fulfill a quest that will teach her how to defeat The Blight. All while only wielding a banjolele.

Punch & Candy at Midnight – Read the first two chapters for free!

Glimmer Hill

Every Christmas Eve in Reindeer Grove, the elves prepared for the goblin attack. 

At midnight, the goblins would charge up Glimmer Hill with their shrieking voices and mysteriously carved spears. The elves would defend the hill, firing golden arrows from their silver bows, and a battle would begin that neither side would win. 

The Flower

If only he could find a sign. In a village where plants are against the law, Bill works hard in his shop every day making robot parts. In his heart, he wishes he would find a sign that things would get better. Then one day, Bill closes up shop and begins his walk home. That’s when he saw the flower.

The Messenger

In a war-torn landscape, a special messenger risks all to send a very important message. Will he successfully complete his mission before it’s too late?

Rock & Tin

A stone creature is befriended by the very robots he was created to destroy. Can he overcome his dark nature to avoid his evil fate?

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