About Tom Dell’Aringa

Tom Dell’Aringa is an American Science Fiction writer and graphic novelist. His first novel Blanchland Blues is represented by Kimberley Cameron & Associates and being shopped for publication. He was born in Chicago in 1966.

He has spent much of his professional life in the creative endeavors of graphic and software design. In 2008, he began creating graphic novels and later began authoring stories.

He is the writer and author of two successfully crowdfunded graphic novels. Marooned – A Space Opera in the Wrong Key! was funded in October of 2013 and Rock & Tin in July of 2015

Since 2016 he has posted a number of other stories on Tapas.io (an online storytelling platform) including The Messenger, The Flower and The Genesis Girl.

In December 2018, he published the short story Punch & Candy at Midnight, a Christmas story used to raise money for the hungry. His first full-length science fiction novel Blanchland Blues is currently being shopped for publication.