A man. A space captain. Highly intelligent, extremely skilled–top of his class. Adored by millions. Captain John… is not that man. But can that man have the courage to face what he is and be transformed? Leave behind selfishness and embrace service? Can he go from hopeless — to hero?

Marooned – A Space opera in the wrong key is the story of Captain John, a self-centered space pilot from Earth, and his sidekick Asimov, an automated garbage can turned into a genius robot.

Marooned was successfully Kickstarted in 2013 with the companion art book “Spare Parts.”

The central theme of the story is Captain John’s journey from hapless to heroic. Along the way he encounters :

  • An insane stowaway robot 
  • Martian scientists with no arms and martian mystics with three legs 
  • Sentient crystals that embed themselves into your head 
  • The smartest creatures in the universe – who also are the clumsiest 
  • Martian tween angst 
  • Zombie martians and their crazy dictator 
  • And a little romance – just to get started! 

Marooned is a mixture of things I loved as a kid. It’s a story that I thought would be fun to read. It’s a mix of influences like Star Wars, Bugs Bunny, Calvin & Hobbes, Thunderbirds, Star Blazers and Peanuts all rolled into one. 

I am slowly re-publishing Marooned on the comic web platform Tapas.

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